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Remember Who You Are

Posted by admin on februari - 28 - 2012

Inspirational message dedicated to all the Indigo Souls who may have lost their way. May you continue to spread your wings and have the wisdom to know your path. Dedicated to Amy Winehouse & Jamey Rodemeyer. We miss you so much. RIP. “At times you have to leave the city of your comfort and go  [ Read More ]

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Seeking the Third Story

Posted by admin on februari - 22 - 2012

Author David Talbott suggests that all of human history can be seen as just two stories. First, came the story of ancient mythology, when towering gods were said to have ruled the world. Then came the story of science, emerging from a growing distrust of the myths and a new emphasis on direct observation and  [ Read More ]

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How to Change the World (Hint: It Starts with You)

Posted by admin on februari - 15 - 2012

Compelling video with Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy and more. Learn more at http://bit.ly/visalusbignews Every great advancement in mankind started with a great challenge. To Change the World You Must First Challenge Yourself! Join the revolution with ViSalus and Body By Vi.

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Know Thyself

Posted by admin on februari - 10 - 2012

‘Know thyself’, was the ancient admonition of the Oracle of Delphi The ancient wisdom traditions always depict “man” (male and female) as a composite being and frequently as the microcosmic reflection of the conscious living universe: as above, so below. Plato, for example, allegorizes the kingdom outside (the ideal State) and within (ourselves) as a  [ Read More ]

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